It takes a carefully designed and managed plan to ensure that your loved ones continue receiving the same level of care when you are no longer able to provide it. Our experienced specialists help design a plan to best serve you now and to ensure that your loved one will continue to have the quality of life you desire. Areas of planning include:

Government Benefits

Effective planning should include access to government benefits.  Some government benefits, such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medical Assistance (MA), are needs based. We show you how to legally protect some assets in order to preserve eligibility to these important benefits.

Supplemental/ Special Needs Trust

Assets in the person’s name in excess of $2,000 will result in the termination or reduction of SSI and MA benefits. Assets in a properly drafted and administered supplemental needs trust are not counted as available assets, and trust disbursements will not be counted as income under the rules that apply to SSI and MA.


Once a child reaches the age of 18, they are seen as an adult under Minnesota law and are competent to make their own decisions. A parent has no legal authority to continue to make decisions for their child. If your loved one is not fully capable to make their own decisions, you may want to become their legal guardian.

Life Insurance

Life insurance policies work in many ways. They can provide a death benefit for the beneficiaries or they offer living benefits to improve your quality of life now. A common way to assure your loved one has enough funds is life insurance. We help you choose the appropriate policy and make sure you designate the proper primary and secondary beneficiaries.

Life Planning Portfolio

When your plan is completed, we provide you with a personalized Life Planning Portfolio. This portfolio contains your Comprehensive Life Plan and other important documents in one location for you and your successors.


Special Needs Planners provides workshops throughout Minnesota to parents of children with disabilities and the professionals working with families. To schedule a workshop for your group or organization call us or send an email to